Deze vrouw reageert geniaal op de veel te onrealistische voedingsbeha advertenties

Sterre Touw 11 jan 2018 De mama

Als het gaat om het kopen van kleding, ondergoed en badpakken willen we graag dat de modellen zo realistisch mogelijk zijn. Dat vond kersverse moeder Ana ook. ‘Als het gaat om voedingsbeha’s kunnen die natuurlijk eigenlijk niet geshowt worden door superdunne modellen.’

Dit resulteerde in een spontane actie van Ana op Twitter.  Ze was klaar met het onrealistische beeld dat werd geschept door de bestaande voedingsbeha-advertenties. Ze besloot zelf foto’s te maken om het patroon te doorbreken. Want een voedingsbeha hoort bij een pasbevallen vrouw!

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Fake voedingsbeha’s

In de haar post zegt Ana dat ze net als elke nieuwe moeder die borstvoeding geeft, een heleboel heeft aan voedingbeha’s. Maar toen ze de advertentie zag waarop de beha werd getoond door een dun sixpack model, kon ze haar ogen niet geloven. ‘Dit kan gewoon niet.  Ze laten op deze manier zien dat je als kersverse moeder weer superdun moet zijn, maar dat kán helemaal niet.’ Ze besloot een tegenreactie te geven door een foto te plaatsen, waarop ze het model na doet maar dan heel wat realistischer.

I am now 2.5 weeks postpartum and finally getting around to buying more nursing bras. As I was browsing I came across this ad and just had to share. What happens in the absence of representation? Our brain recognizes that of all the examples of what a brand new mom is "supposed" to look like, that most of us don't even come close. Then, we start the comparing and that's when our self image goes to sh*t because you can't compete with a edited photo. Also, I can guess this model is not exactly 2 days out from giving birth like I was in the picture on the right and THAT is who is buying these bras. Please recognize this and be kind to yourself. The way you see and acknowledge this transitioning is so important. Otherwise, we become distracted by the unimportant and unrealistic things. Focus on your recovery and your babe(s) and forget the lies we're constantly being fed. You deserve truth, love, excitement, joy, sleep, and more. Just the way you are. You've done and are more than enough. ❤️ #bemorethanabody #nonairbrushedme #takebackpostpartum #stopcensoringmotherhood #effyourbeautystandards #mombod #momlife #newmom #4thtrimester #postbabybody #selfcare #representationmatters #bodypositive #bodygoals

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Realistisch beeld

‘Door dit soort advertenties gaan we onszelf vergelijken met die modellen en op die manier verandert ons zelfbeeld’, schrijft Ana. ‘Ik kan duidelijk zien dat het model niet twee dagen geleden een heftige bevalling heeft gehad, terwijl dat op de foto rechts wel te zien is. Dat is de realiteit én degene die de beha uiteindelijk koopt.’


Ana begon aan haar eigen project. Door veel foto’s van haar post-zwangerschap lichaam te posten, probeert ze het taboe te doorbreken en aandacht te vragen voor de realiteit. Hiermee hoopt ze dat vrouwen gaan zien dat het volkomen normaal is dat je lichaam vlak na de bevalling nog niet helemaal strak hoeft te zijn. Ook hoopt ze dat de grote merken dit gaan overnemen om zo een meer realistisch modebeeld in de wereld te brengen. Ook als het gaat om zwangerschap. En die foto’s zijn prachtig!

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This isn't a before or after photo. This is right now. Every picture is a right now. You can't exist in your past or in your future. We are 4 weeks post birth. 4!! Can you believe it?? Baby has gained 2 pounds and the breastfeeding journey hasn't been an easy one but we're still going. What's up with the workout gear? I'm taking Jabba the Mutt out for our first walk/jog of the year. He's been cooped up inside and being a very good big brother as we have been adjusting. I'm excited as I cut my activity waaaaay down during my pregnancy because I was in so much pain. #noregrets Exercise because it's good for your heart, your bones, and your soul. Not to look like or be perceived as healthy because health comes in all shapes and sizes. I don't need to explain why I look the way I look to know that it's true or to be able to accept myself as I am right at this moment. #bemorethanabody #takebackpostpartum #mombod #bodygoals #stretchmarks #scars #looseskin #postpartum #fourthtrimester #motherhooduncensored #takebackpostpartum

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It's not a lack of fear that pushes me to share with you all. It's a stronger desire to feel love more than fear. Which means facing fears to make room for love. It's making a conscious decision instead of succumbing to habits. Which means reflecting deeply and replacing hurtful habits with healthy ones. It's a strongly held belief that one person can make a difference without having to be someone "special" in order to do so. Which means putting myself out there with no guarantee anyone will even listen. It's basically looking at all the things I was told I was supposed to be ashamed of and saying "prove it." Which means believe in my self worth above all the messaging that wants me to believe otherwise. This picture was taken by @thedelusionisttx for publication in @theperpetualyou earlier this year. The topic was femininity and how we express it. Erin and I were both early in our pregnancies so femininity meant being comfortable in whatever we had on regardless of whether it matched, was pretty, or even in one piece because none of that can decide how we define ourselves. We had so much fun and this was the final shot in the article. Just me. No edit. Not filter. Just us gals in my garage. That's enough. #bemorethanabody #bodypositive #postbabybody #stretchmarks #scars #looseskin #nonairbrushedme Tattered bra: 5 years ago from @victoriassecret Comfy boy short undies also from 5 years ago from @somaintimates No makeup and running a brush through my hair: Me

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It's been one week. My accomplishments include: keeping a newborn alive and asking for help from everyone who crosses my path. That last part is the hardest of the two. Blobby does well to demand all that he needs with no regard for what anyone thinks of him. As a result he gets everything he needs and is one happy and thriving baby. Let's all learn to be a little more like Blobby. ? As far as my body, I'm just letting it do what it needs to do. Organs are moving back into place. Milk has aggressively come in while my nipples are chapped to hell and hurt like a mother trucker. Still rocking the depends as the bleeding hasn't stopped but is manageable. Showers are the best things ever and I'm happy to be able to touch my toes and sleep on my back. However your body ebbs and flows with the passing of time, let it. It's all temporary anyway. #bemorethanabody #postpartumbody #mombod #stretchmarks #scars #looseskin #effyourbeautystandards #stopcensoringmotherhood #postbabybelly #loveyourlines #scarrednotscared #nonairbrushedme #mummytummy #newmomlife #keepitreal #sundayvibes

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