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7 leuke manieren om te vertellen dat je zwanger bent op je werk

Je kan natuurlijk op een dag op je werk komen en ‘IK BEN ZWANGER!’ roepen, maar je kan ook voor de originele weg kiezen. Of je je buikje nou zo lang mogelijk verborgen hebt gehouden of niet kan wachten het blijde nieuws met je collega’s te delen: met deze creatieve zwangerschapsaankondigingen scoor je punten. 

(En als je niet zo creatief bent of het niet te ingewikkeld wil maken: zeg het met taart en je collega’s zijn nóg blijer voor je).


“The longer we waited for that announcement threshold, the more we thought about how we would do it. We searched through Google and Pinterest, scanning through hundreds of different announcements. Would we go the comedy route, tug at the heartstrings, or try to be clever? There seemed to be a bit of pressure there. … After weeks of debating how we would publicly announce, I grew tired of the whole idea. The pressure to make it something amazing took the fun out of it. At just under 12 weeks I had a ‘screw it’ moment.” How did you announce your pregnancy? Sam, our newest Knocked Up blogger, came up with a sweet ? way to tell her coworkers she was expecting, but she had a tough time deciding how to let the rest of the world in on her secret. Find out how she spilled the pregnancy beans at

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More and more babies are coming! I love it ❤️

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Pregnancy Announcement? Drink this for me. I’ll join you soon. BABY FLA COMING. November 2016! . #craftbymilu #crafty #pregnancyannouncement

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Some people were starting to ask so at 11 weeks I announced my pregnancy. I’m a teacher and the 3rd person to get pregnant this year. So I thought I’d play off that and use the “baby train” theme. The last train says “Will you join us?” And the post it was added by the 5th grade team and seconded by the K team. LOL! What’s amazing about all these pregnancies is one is naturally pregnant after SIX FAILED IVF/FET/1 Live birth. One is naturally pregnant and over 40. And I’m unnaturally pregnant via FET. #11weekspregnant #pregnancyannouncement #NOTanAprilFoolsJoke #babytrain #comedrinkourwater ? #fet #dueinoctober

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Looking for a special way to document your growing bump? These #pregnancymilestonecards are perfect for you! They will be up in the #etsyshop later this week! // Make sure to “favorite” my shop so you are in the loop on all my shop updates by following the link in my profile. ????? #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancymilestone #mommytobe #babyontheway #bunintheoven #bumplife

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7 leuke manieren om te vertellen dat je zwanger bent op je werk