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Creatief én lief! Zie hoe deze moeder haar buikfoto’s maakt

Je hebt ‘baby bump’-foto’s en je hebt ‘baby bump’-foto’s. Deze moeder is het levende bewijs dat je zelfs bij kiddo nummero vier nog heel creatief kan zijn met buikfoto’s. Juist, want met haar drie kinderen erbij is het  picture perfecte plaatje helemaal compleet.


Charlotte Chatman geeft een heel andere betekenis aan het woord ‘buikfoto’. De Amerikaanse blogger is zwanger van haar vierde en om te vieren hoe blij ze is met haar grote gezin, laat ze haar oudste drie regelmatig een rol spelen in haar mini fotoshoots. Maar daar heeft ze wel een aantal regels voor.

“We maken maar drie shots, zodat de kleintjes niet gefrustreerd raken. Dan edit ik ze en post ik ze wanneer het tijd is voor hun dutjes”, vertelt Chatman. “Om ze te laten lachen, zeg ik iets grappigs voor de foto wordt gemaakt. En tijdens de shoot helpen ze goed mee om de letters op het bord te plakken.”

En echt alles komt voorbij. Van 90’s hitjes tot hilarische uitspraken.

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really want…I wanna, I wanna, I really really really want these last 4 weeks to not feel like 100 years. 😂❤️ . NINE😱MONTHS😱PREGNANT . That hand on the hip, though! 😂 I wanted to include my other Spice Girl in this, but nap time beats out picture time, every time. Luna has been on a nap strike lately and is 100% attached at my hip, so we’ve been having fun with these while her sister sleeps. I made her onesie out of duck tape in less than five minutes—pretty sure the people at Hobby Lobby think I’m crazy with the random craft supplies I buy. 😂

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GIVE ME A SIGGGGGGGNNNNNNN!!! Kick me baby ONE👏🏼MORE👏🏼TIME! . . This is my fourth baby, y’all, and the Braxton Hicks have gotten crazier with each one. I’m 34 weeks right now, and some of the contractions I’ve been having lately have been intense. Almost baby time!! 😳 I’ve been monitoring things with this rental from that keeps track of contraction activity for me and reports it to my phone. Crazy what products come out from your first baby to your fourth, am I right??? . You can use code CCV10 for ten percent off the cost of your weekly rental, too. ❤️😘 #bloomlifemom

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Super tired, super blessed, super heroes. Lennox tried correcting me that real superheroes actually wear “compression tights”, but I know leggings when I see them, child. 😂❤️ The kids’ new favorite game that they’ve created is called “Batman and Batma’am”…where Batman marries Batma’am and they have 13 crime fighting babies. 😂 They play nonstop lately! So, we redecorated Lennox’s room with a superhero theme to step up their game. The mini-room-reveal is now up on my blog! . . Our favorite part is our @deltachildren Racecar Bed, which the kids call the Batmobile. As always, you can use code CBCHATMAN for fifteen percent of their entire site! 🙌🏼❤️

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Baby kicks: my favorite and least favorite parts of pregnancy. 😂 We’re at the point where this kid feels like a shark violently trying to stick his fin to the surface, and I’m half-amazed every time…and half-excited to only have 8 weeks left of my insides being beaten up all day. I’m thinking of doing weekly letterboards until Leif is born; what do you think? Yes? No? Also, this baby shark song. Who wrote it? Are they millionaires now? Why didn’t I think of it?? Why are my kids so obsessed with it?? It’s like seriously two words REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 🦈🤷🏻‍♀️😂 . . Anddd I’ve been living in this buttery soft maternity skirt by @shoppinkblush ❤️ #shoppinkblush #prettyinpinkblush

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I mean, we’re not like THE sanest or most normal family that ever existed, but I think we’re doing alright at this whole parenting thing. ❤️ One day they’re all gonna be teenagers at the same time though, and I might need all the unsolicited advice I can get, just saying… 🙈😂 . My amazingly soft, perfect-for-every-occasion dress is from @sexymamamaternity ❤️😍

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Check out that third trimester bump that popped up overnight 🙌🏼❤️ And my new favorite comeback when people comment on how many kids we have… (insert maniacal laugh here) 😂

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Creatief én lief! Zie hoe deze moeder haar buikfoto’s maakt